Parent-Teen Driving Contract
Be Safer and Drive Smarter

Effective parent-teen communication is vital to keeping teens safe as they begin their driving experience. As parents, we can remember how excited we were to approach the date that we would take the exam for our driver’s license. This is a memorable moment for many teens, and we do not want to take the joy away from the moment. The reality is that the responsibility of driving can be one that puts a teen in a situation that could become fatal. wants to do everything possible to provide parents and teens with information that can help keep teens safe behind the wheel.

We recognize that every family is different, but it is important for parents to set some ground rules in place before turning over the keys. Once the rules are discussed, it is equally as important to discuss the consequences of breaking these rules. In an effort to assist parents in having this discussion with their teen, has created a Parent-Teen Driver contract. This parent-driver contract may seem rather formal, but it is nothing more than a symbol of the great passage of knowledge that goes into learning how to drive.

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For Parents/Guardians: Having conversations around this pledge will give you the opportunity to discuss with your teen situations you faced when learning how to drive. Use this time to discuss your concerns about your teen learning and abiding by the rules of the road. Finally, express to your teen how much you believe in their ability to be a responsible driver.

For Teen Drivers: Take this opportunity to learn from your parents about what they have experienced while learning to drive. As exciting as it is to drive, being behind the wheel of a car can be extremely dangerous. Listen to your parents/guardians and enjoy this time in your life!